Bossy Isn’t a Bad Thing

“Let me take a minute to say that I love bossy women. Some people hate the word, and I understand how “bossy” can seem like a shitty way to describe a woman with a determined point of view, but for me, a bossy woman is someone to search out and celebrate. A bossy woman is someone who cares and commits and is a natural leader.” –Amy Poehler

Amen, Amy!

As a little girl, I told being bossy was a bad thing. This taught me to quiet my voice and not speak up for myself. After all, I wanted people to like me. So, I spent my teenage years and most of my twenties doing what I called “going with the flow” at the time. Now, I realize I was keeping my opinions, my goals, and my dreams to myself because I didn’t want to be seen as bossy.

Well, guess what? Becoming an entrepreneur required me to speak up and helped me to rediscover that inner voice. The inner leader voice that I had buried as a little girl. I rolled into my thirties like a bossy wrecking-ball.

One of the greatest discoveries along this entrepreneurial path is that there are tons of wonderful bossy women just like me. My fellow bossy women are out here smashing goals and building amazing businesses.

Refuse to accept bossy as an insult. As Amy Poehler said, bossy means you are passionate, engaged and ambitious. Don’t push that down, share that passion and ambition with the world.