Success is A Verb

It’s no secret that social media allows people to show the highlight reel of their life. When I first started my business, there was a plethora of entrepreneurs posting pictures from the beach with captions like, “Make a gazillion dollars while sippin’ mimosas on the beach”.  I found myself getting frustrated because my business looked like a hot mess. My house was full of supplies, I lived in yoga pants and a (likely dirty) hoodie, and my hair was getting brushed MAYBE once a day.  I was hanging on by a string to keep my business running and these people were living the “dream life” with making millions of dollars.  
You see, social media provides the illusion that success is something that just magically happens. You miss the journey full of struggle and probable failures along the way. The truth is that success is a verb. Success requires purposeful action towards reaching your goals. 
For anyone just getting started, don’t let yourself get frustrated by the picture perfect businesses being run on the beach. You keep doing your thing. Embrace the struggles along the way because they are opportunities for growth on your entrepreneurial journey.