How to Improve Social Media Post Conversions

Publish Date: 3.10.2020

I think we can all agree that posting on social media is time consuming, right? When you take the time to post you want to feel like it was worthwhile and converts to sales. So, let’s talk about the three must have components of a social media post that will help to increase your conversion rates.


Keep in mind, these three pieces don’t all have to be included in the caption.  You can also include information in the graphic to mix things up. It’s also important to keep in mind that posts don’t just show up to your followers. Oftentimes, they show up as “recommended” pages or are added to feeds because the social media algorithm thinks they will like your content. This means that we want to view each post as an individual opportunity to educate a potential new buyer.


What are you selling?

The first piece of information you want to be sure to include is an explanation of what you are selling. If the customer is confused by your message, they will keep scrolling. For instance, if you are selling a t-shirt, then tell the reader it’s a Bella Canvas Graphic Tee. Type out exactly what you are showing them and never assume that they can tell just from looking at the picture.


Why do they need it?

Next, explain how it will make their life better. In the instance of the graphic tee, it could be something like “you need this for the school pick-up line” and the quote is something funny about following the rules when you pick your kids up after school. Or, if a major holiday is coming up, remind shoppers they only have a week until Mother’s Day. In a world full of advertising chatter, you have to explain why the person scrolling past your post needs your products. Otherwise, you will be filtered out in the noise.


How do they buy your product?


Once the customer knows what you are selling and why they need it, you’ve got to tell them how to buy it. It could be going to your Etsy or Amazon Handmade shop, clicking the link in your profile, or commenting with their email address so you can send an invoice. Provide clear instructions as to how to complete a transaction with your shop.  All the above work is for not if they don’t know how to check out. Research shows that including a call to action increases your conversion rates by up to 120%. Just simply saying “buy me” does not increase conversions. In fact, that type of bluntness can be a bit of a turn off. Customers tend to respond better to phrases like “find out more, make it yours, or we have one waiting for you”. No matter what phrase you use, you must effectively warm the customer up through the other steps of the process that we discussed earlier.


Wrapping Up

What are the three must-have components of a social media post?

  1. What are you selling?
  2. Why does the customer need it? How will it make their life better?
  3. Call to action: What does the customer do to buy it?

Keep it concise. It’s not like a product description. If the customer wants detailed information, they can read the product listing within your shop. Generally speaking, the call to action should be directing customers to your shop for more information. Attention spans on social media are just a couple seconds, so think in bullet points and include the most important information.  Stick to the details that are most likely to cause the customer to stop scrolling and click over to your shop to buy.  By providing these three components in your posts you are hoping to serve as a traffic director from the social media platform to your shop.

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