Pinterest 2020 Trend Report

As you are working on your new product lines for 2020, it’s important to keep trends in mind. You don’t want to be working on sloth designs when everyone is looking for llamas. Right? And, that’s just an example. For the most part, both of those are in high-demand right now.

When trying to decide what to create, one report that I like to look at is the Pinterest Trend report.

What makes this information so important. Well, Pinterest monitors the 320 million users on the platform and identifies the top 100 trending topics. These topics have significant search volumes and are also showing consistent, upward growth. Pinterest sees this search volume and upward growth and then uses that information to suggest a shift in trends. There is an extensive amount of market research put into this report, so let’s use this information to our benefit when we put together our product lines this year.

So, what’s the report say?

This is a direct quote from Pinterest regarding their findings this year, “These insights tell us that more than ever, people are thinking and acting globally and sustainably. They’re staying home to work, entertain or be entertained, and then heading outdoors to be reacquainted with nature, look for adventure, and travel responsibly. All while lowering stress and elevating different areas of their lives, from pet care to scrunchies.”

Oh boy. I don’t know if I’m ready to relive the 90s. My grandma always said that if you’re lucky to live long enough you get to see trends come back more than once, but my school pictures from the 90s make me dread seeing that decade come back. My hair was wild and proof that my sister was definitely the favorite child.

Alright, so let’s dive into the report. There are a total of ten categories, but I am just going to focus on four that are most relevant to the handmade community.

The first one is called “beyond binary”. This section says, “From flexible pronouns to unisex nurseries, a more accepting view of gender identity is on the rise.”

It goes on to say that 59% of Gen Z is expecting more gender neutral options compared to 40% of Boomers.

Where is this important? This is particularly important if you sell nursery décor, supplies for kids birthday parties, kids clothes, and wedding attire. Anything that would normally be very girl or boy specific, consider adding a gender neutral option to meet this need.  

Another category that is beneficial for handmade sellers to consider is called “finding balance”. Pinterest describes this as thinking about wellness in a more everyday way, as they look for easy habits to counter anxiety, stress and burnout. The report goes on to explain this as journaling, participating in art therapy, or utilizing essential oils.

What does this mean for handmade businesses? This means that customers are looking for ways to encourage a sense of zen or positive vibes in their life.

So what can you make that will do this? If you don’t sell journals or soaps with essential oils, this could also mean adding other products that refer to self-care. Maybe it’s super comfy socks or a new face mask – or a mug with a quote about finding your inner zen? If this doesn’t fit your brand at all, don’t just throw it in there for the sake of a sell. You want it to flow.

Another category that I found super interesting was “pampered pets”. Here’s what the Pinterest report had to say: “Pet pampering is reaching all-time highs. We’re talking farm-to-table dog food, pet playgrounds and even feline fashion. Increasingly, millennials who might be delaying traditional milestones like marriage are turning to fur babies for companionship. It’s not just puppy love: In the UK, more than 50% of pet parents ages 19-38 said they’d rather cut expenses for themselves than cut back for their pets.” Alright, so let’s break it down a little further – the report showed that interest in pet fashion, so pet clothes for your dog or cat were up 199%. If you can sew pet clothes, it’s time to research pet clothes styles and get to work because the demand is clearly there.

Unfortunately, the downside to this market is a demand for pet memorial products. This is a market opportunity for lots of people – artists, jewelers, lots of people. How can you create products that help people celebrate the love that they have for their pets?


The last category that I wanted to mention is the one I mentioned at the top of this episode – the 90s. This is exactly what Pinterest says about this trend, “Gen Z is discovering 90s culture for the first time and putting their own twist on the trends, from modernized scrunchies to glitter gloss. So put on your bucket hat, grab a CD player and start living la vida 90s, one more time”.

Oh boy. Searches for grunge fashion were up over 292%, searches for 90s themed parties were up over 227%, and –ok- brace yourself for this…

searches for scrunchies were up over 6309%.

I will admit that I love a good scrunchie, but I can’t believe they are that popular again. So, anything 90s inspired is a great idea right now. The bright colors, the grunge style, all of it. Infusing that type of style into your latest product line will likely be a hit in 2020.

Alright, like I said, there were 10 categories, but those were the main ones that I wanted to touch on for handmade sellers. If you want a more in-depth look at the other results you can find that here: Pinterest 2020 Trend report.

I hope this helps you start brainstorming & I can’t wait to see your new designs.