Setting Up Your Pinterest Profile

Publish Date: 3.4.2020

Yesterday, we talked about Pinterest and the benefits of having a Pinterest strategy for your handmade business. Today, we are going to dig deeper into Pinterest and talk about an important part of your strategy. Pinterest does need to be approached with just that, a strategy. Or, you will miss out on it’s full capabilities for your business. The first step in maximizing your Pinterest account is making sure that you are set up as a business account rather than a personal account. 

If you are unsure of how to change your account status, you can find the instructions here:

[As a side note, if you have boards that are not relevant to your business, it’s time to make them private. You don’t have to delete them, just switch them over to private so they aren’t cluttering your account. Your overall goal is for your Pinterest account to look professional.]

Here are the top reasons why you need a business account on Pinterest:

  1. Pinterest Analytics:

Once you switch to a business account, you unlock the door to analytics which will help to grow your business on the platform in the future.  Pinterest analytics include impressions, link clicks, target audience information, the time of day you get the most traffic, and more. Pinterest analytics also show you the other boards and pins that your target audience find interesting so that you have insight to the type of content to pin in addition to your own products. This is incredibly helpful when brainstorming ideas for creating your boards. Pinterest views accounts that only pin their own products as spammy. It’s important to also pin products from other accounts. You can use the analytics as a guide of what your audience is interested in seeing. All of this information helps you to develop a strategy to target you ideal shoppers on the platform.

  1. Promoted Pins

 Similar to other platforms like Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest offers the ability to promote your content. This is done in the form of promoted pins. A promoted pin is charged on a cost-per-click basis and allows you to advertise to your target demographic within the platform. Access to the previously mentioned analytics is helpful in creating appropriately targeted promoted pins.

  1. Rich Pins

 You also get rich pins with a business account. Rich pins pull more information from your site and display it on the pin. You may have noticed how a pin from Target or Amazon looks a bit different than some of the other run of the mill pins. These are usually rich pins. More specifically, the rich pin will show the price, stock level, and a description of the product from your website. It has more of a “buy me” look to it, if you know what I mean.

  1. Claim Your Website

A business account gives you the ability to claim your website. This helps with brand recognition because it will add your profile picture to all of your pins. You essentially get to claim your pins with a stamp of your logo.

So, to recap, a business account is extremely important when you are marketing your business on Pinterest. It grants you access to analytics so that you can modify your strategy and enables branding opportunities so customers can recognize you on the platform. If you do not currently have a business account, take the ten minutes to do that today.

Tomorrow we will be discussing how I automate my Pinterest strategy in a way that takes two hours for a week’s worth of marketing.

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